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The ABC’s of Fearless Peace 

Boulder Hot Springs in Boulder, Montana 

 nestled in Peace Valley   

July 8 - 10, 2022 

Ever feel there’s a war in your head led by a voice that perpetually keeps score of
who’s hurt your feelings, disrespected you, abandoned you, 
or taken your capacity to love or trust?
Imagine listening deeply more often than
repetitively ruminating.
Imagine thanking hindering beliefs
that have kept you stuck. 


Imagine Awakening to Fearless Peace!


Penni will lead a weekend-long process for a small group interested in 

simply being human, no matter what.

Starts: Friday at 7:00pm          Ends: Sunday at 12:00pm

Plus stargazing, soaking, singing, and more! 

The workshop activities build through the weekend, 

so please plan to stay from start to finish. 

Workshop Tuition is $200 

Register Now


Lodging & food are separate costs.

Call Boulder Hot Springs 


to reserve your delightful accommodations and gourmet meals. 

For amazing photos of this exquisite retreat center:

 Boulder Hot Springs

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